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Corporate Vision

Zephyr strives to be the "Top Global Niche Solution Provider in Micro Renewable Energy."

Three Value Propositions


Safe and stable energy provision


A sustainable society with renewable energy


Cost reduction through efficient energy provision


Three Key Words

Solutions: Renewable energy solutions centered on small wind turbines

Zephyr provides more than products―it provides solutions that contribute to the resolution of client challenges and the realization of client concepts.

Small Wind Turbines: A global leader in the field of small wind turbines

As a leading company in the small wind turbine industry, Zephyr proposes and promotes ways to effectively utilize the vast potential of small wind turbines, both within Japan and globally.

R&D: Creation of new value by continuously strengthening research and development

Zephyr contributes to society by realizing new possibilities in renewable energy solutions through continued research and development and global technological collaborations.

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