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A New Style of Advertisement Media with a Shining Message for the Global Environment

Billboards consume much electricity, especially in the night time. Zephyr’s Billboard System utilizes renewable energy such as wind and solar power, allowing the billboards themselves to generate their own electricity. It is not only a form of advertisement, but the medium itself strongly conveys environmental awareness with great impact.

Deployment Reference

Ricoh LED advertising tower

A billboard with 100% renewable energy based on the idea that it is acceptable for it not to light in certain weather conditions has been deployed in London as a symbol of Ricoh’s corporate philosophy of realizing both environmental preservation and profit-making. In the project, Zephyr has not only provided small wind turbines, but also designed the power system including the solar power system.

Airdolphin GTO (Z-1000-250) x 5
with PV panels
Application LED advertising tower
Commercial Businesses and Public Sectors