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Remote Areas / Back-up

Providing Indispensable Independent Power for Remote Sites and for Stable Electricity during Emergencies

There is increasing need for reliable, durable, and economical electrical power sources in remote sites such as mountainous regions, remote islands, deserts, and extremely cold regions. Zephyr’s independent power systems, based on small wind turbines, serve an important role in providing electricity to remote areas, offering high performance and ease of installation and maintenance. Also, they can be used for power disaster management facilities which need to retain power in times of emergency.


Power for Off-Grid Residences, Farms, and Agricultural Facilities

The systems provide stable power to residential buildings in off-grid areas, as well as farms and agricultural facilities such as warehouses, containers, greenhouses, electrified fences, using renewable energy available in the area.

Power for Disaster Management Facilities during Emergencies

Zephyr’s power systems can be used as an emergency power supply for various disaster management facilities and equipment, including emergency radio equipment, tsunami refuge towers, and street lights in parks and streets designated as emergency refuge areas.

Mountaintop, British Columbia, Canada
Mountaintop, British Columbia, Canada
Mining Site, Western Australia, Australia
Mining Site, Western Australia, Australia
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