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Creating Renewable Energy Atop Buildings ― a Symbol of CSR

Airdolphin is capable of flexibly capturing the turbulent winds that arise between city buildings to generate electricity efficiently. Due to its ultra-lightweight design, it can be installed without damaging existing waterproof roofing sheets. It also commands great presence as a symbol of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


Power Supply for Offices and Public Facilities

Organizations can self-consume electricity generated on their rooftops to save electricity costs and reduce negative environmental impact. The generated electricity can also be sold to electrical power companies.

Emergency Power during Blackouts

By constructing a power system equipped with storage batteries that is independent of commercial power grids, electricity can be made available even in the event of a blackout. It can be used to supply power to corridor lighting, surveillance cameras, and information management systems which need to be kept operational during emergencies.

Gas Station, United Kingdom
Gas Station, United Kingdom
Private Company, Belgium
Private Company, Belgium
Commercial Businesses and Public Sectors