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Smart Village Solution

Envisioning Stable and Efficient Power for Villages around the World

Zephyr’s Smart Village solution provides stable energy for villages in remote locations. There is increasing need for such solutions in developing countries, especially in Asia. The system is based on renewable energy sources such as small turbines, solar power, and small hydro power, utilizing commercial power supplies and storage batteries as backup to realize the stable and efficient provision of electricity.

Benefits of the Smart Village

Efficient Infrastructure-Building

Since Smart Village’s electric grid is developed for a small village, the cost of initial investment can be made much lower than that of large-scale grids. The total costs are also lower than the cost of installing reusable energy equipment to each individual building (Smart House).

Locally Produced and Locally Consumed Energy

For regions where villages exist in remote locations such as mountains, remote islands, or deserts, Zephyr realizes the optimal mix of energy that matches the region’s environment to provide stable power.

Creation of Jobs

By developing infrastructure in tandem with local corporations, it is possible to create local work opportunities in the region.

Increased Ability to Respond to Emergencies

Learning from the lessons of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, the system can be used to establish electrical power provision that is not reliant on a single central system for generating and delivering power and is resilient to disasters.

Contribution to the Global Environment

The system can reduce reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO2.

Commercial Businesses and Public Sectors