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Telecom Solution

Reducing Operational Cost and Environmental Impact in Telecommunication Base Stations around the World

Zephyr’s telecom solutions bring innovation to the energy used in mobile telecommunication operator businesses. Due to its ultra-lightweight design, the small wind turbine Airdolphin can be mounted onto existing towers of base stations. As part of a hybrid power supply system in conjunction with photovoltaic panels, it can greatly reduce not only the cost of energy, but also the operational cost. Airdolphin receives international praise for its effective contribution towards environmental conservation, for which there is increasing social demand.


Power Supply for Base Stations in Off-Grid Areas

As the coverage areas of mobile phones expand, the deployment of base transceiver stations to remote areas continue. Diesel-powered generators have been the main source of power for off-grid areas, but there is rising interest in renewable energy that can reduce operational costs and respond to social demand for environmental preservation. Zephyr provides services tailored to the scale of the station.

Backup Power Supply to Secure Communication During Emergency Situations

To ensure that a communication network can function stably as a lifeline even during blackouts caused by natural disasters, we propose a power supply that utilizes renewable energy. Of course, this also reduces energy costs during ordinary operations.

Deployment Reference

Airdolphin Pro (Z-1000-48) x 1

MTC, a mobile operator in Namibia, has installed Airdolphin in its base transceiver station which is operated 100% using renewable energy. The station previously utilized only photovoltaic power and storage batteries, but the introduction of the Airdolphin now allows stable operation during periods with insufficient sunlight.

Airdolphin Pro (Z-1000-48) x 1
with PV panels, batteries, and other devices
Application Base tranceiver station
Commercial Businesses and Public Sectors