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Wind Farm

Renewable Energy to Empower New Businesses and Operations

Zephyr strives for the full utilization of renewable energy sources, enabling grid load leveling and self-sufficiency. As FIT (Feed-in Tariffs) systems are being implemented in various countries, businesses as well as non-profit organizations have begun to use renewable energy in various ways. Zephyr proposes Wind Farms, small wind turbine based systems which can be designed flexibly. Even with limited space, they can efficiently generate electricity for various applications and for selling power to electric power companies.


Assisting Electric Power Selling Businesses that Leverage FIT

Zephyr can propose electric power selling businesses that fit customers’ needs, based on the latest developments in FIT (Feed-in Tarrifs) across the world. (The possibility of payback as well as the length of the payback period differs based on wind conditions.)

Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
Stockholm,  Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Commercial Businesses and Public Sectors