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Corporate History

1997 Jun Established with capital of ¥ 50 million.
Oct Signed an OEM Agreement with Southwest Windpower in the U.S., and launched its own wind turbines under Zephyr brand.
1998 Feb Launched the Z-300 hybrid wind/solar power generation systems incorporating the CP-5 controller.
Jun Signed a distribution agreement with Lifeline Batteries of the U.S., for the import and sales of their AGM batteries, and started selling GPL Series products. Later promoted to Lifeline's exclusive importer/distributor in Japan (October, 2002)
Sep Signed a distribution agreement with Davis Instruments in the U.S. for the import and sales of their weather monitoring stations and software.
May Developed and launched five Eco Series Hybrid power generation systems.
Nov Signed a co-development agreement with Sanken Electric Co., Ltd and developed four Hyper controllers.
2001 Jul Developed and launched eight types of Hyper Hybrid power generation systems incorporating a newly-developed hyper controller.
2002 Apr Started "Project Z" to develop the Airdolphin with the members from Industry, Academia and the Japanese Government, such as the University of Tokyo, Toray, Hitachi Metals, and the AIST (The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology).
2003 Jan Launched a newly-developed wind turbine, the Z-500XP, incorporating its patented power-assistance technology, which allowed the system to generate power even from slight breezes.
2004 May Launched the OWL system, a hybrid power generation system for households, which features its internally-developed Silent Disrupter Blade (patented) -- a new blade designed to minimize air flow noise.
Dec Succeeded in developing the prototype of the world’s most advanced small wind turbine by "Project Z".
Dec Acquired two-year financial support from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
2005 Jan Received "The 2004 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Award" presented by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. for the OWL.
Mar Started cooperating with Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer and distributor of lighting equipment, for development and sales of the AIRBIRD -- an independent and distributed power-generation & outdoor-light tower system. (For Iwasaki Electric, the official name of the product is EYEBIRD.)
Oct Received "The G Mark Award (Good Design Award)" for the under developing wind turbine Airdolphin.
2006 Feb Began delivery and installation of wind turbine Airdolphin in Japan (advanced into foreign countries in autumn)
2008 Jun Exhibited the Airdolphin near the ZERO Emission House during the Hokkaido Toyako Summit.
Jul Launched the PLANET series as small wind turbine systems which can be applied for commercial and industrial use.
2009 Jun Received Minister Award of Economy, Trade and Industry in the Excellent Contribution to Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Award with development of the world's lightest small wind generator system.
2012 Apr Conducted a study on the topic of "Smart Community System by Small Wind Turbines" under the Scheme to Revitalize Agriculture and Fisheries in Disaster Area through Deploying Highly Advanced Technology FY2012.
Jun Signed an agreement with Evance Wind Turbines of the U.K., to cooperate and support each other's products as representatives.
Jul Received the first type certification for small wind turbines from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) for the Airdolphin GTO, being eligible for the feed-in-tariff program in Japan, introduced on July 1, 2012.
2013 Feb Received the second type certification for small wind turbines for the Zephyr9000, 5kW wind turbine, being eligible for the feed-in-tariff program in Japan.
Sep Granted funds for a project on the topic of "Study on Providing Power to Un-electrified Villages through Utilizing Small Wind Turbines and Base Transceiver Stations in Kenya," from the Governmental Commission for Overseas Economic Cooperation, Official Development Assistance (ODA) FY2013.
2015 Feb Launched the Zephyr9000 in the Japanese market with a new domestically manufactured power conditioner.
2016 Sep Shipped the 100th Zephyr9000 for the feed-in-tariff program in Japan.
Oct Announced the change of the major shareholder from INCJ(Innovation Network Corporation of Japan) to Denki Kogyo Company, Limited.
2017 Aug Opened the Sapporo Sales Office.
(As of August, 2017)
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