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Kansai Airport installs two 5kW wind turbines

New Kansai International Airport Company Ltd. (Osaka, Japan, CEO: Keiichi Ando, below “Kansai Airport”, “KIX”) has installed two units of Zephyr Corporation’s (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Tomoshige Tanaka) Zephyr9000 wind turbines at the KIX Sora Park. The system is composed of a 10kW off-grid wind power system using two 5kW Zephyr9000 units, combined with a 50kWh battery bank. The system normally provides power for illumination, but thanks to the use of a charge-discharge type inverter, it can also be used as an emergency power supply.
Kansai Airport has selected the “Strengthening of Environmental Policies” as a priority project within its Mid-term Strategic Growth Plan. Global and local environmental efforts are compiled into a “Smart Island Vision” that combines energy efficiency improvement efforts with the utilization of clean energy from Solar, Wind, Hydrogen and other sources to enable Kansai Airport to pursue its goal of becoming one of the most environmentally advanced airports in the world.
As a model case to promote power generation by clean energy, a Zephyr9000 unit was installed in September 2015, a first for a Japanese airport. After completing the trial, the installation of two additional wind turbines was decided. The electricity generated by this new system is used to power lighting at the nearby hydrogen fuel station and in the airport buildings.
The Zephyr9000 is a 5.5m diameter wind turbine with 4.9kW rated capacity, and an annual output of 8,809kWh at 5m/s mean annual wind speed, making it one of the best product in its class globally. Also, as a testament to its safety and reliability, the Zephyr9000 has achieved certification in 4 different countries including Japan.
[System summary]
Location: Kansai Airport KIX Sora Park
Generation capacity: approx. 10kWh (two Zephyr9000 units)
Storage capacity: approx. 50kWh

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