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Press Release

40 small wind turbine units installed at Designated Evacuation Centers in Higashimatsushima City in Miyagi Prefecture


 -   Emergency power systems on-line at 8 locations in the city   - 

Zephyr Corporation (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Tomoshige Tanaka) has introduced wind turbine (total of 40 units) and photovoltaic based power systems at Designated Evacuation Centers 8 locations in Higashimatsushima City in Miyagi Prefecture. The electricity generated by the system provides power for LED street lighting and illuminates the route to the Evacuation Center in case of a power outage at night. In addition, the power is used for lighting, communication and air conditioning systems at time of disasters in order to provide for the basic needs of evacuated citizens. Normally, the system will provide power for lighting parking lots.
Since the city suffered considerable damages from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the administration has formulated the "Plan for future and environment of Higashimatsushima", laying the foundation for a future community by 2050 where residents can lead a safe and healthy life with pride, and hope to present the city as a symbol of recovery from natural disaster to visitors from around the world.
The city aims to improve the quality of living in public evacuation centers during emergencies by creating an infrastructure more resilient to natural disasters, and plans to provide power to the above and other applications (e.g. dissemination of information) during power outages.
The Airdolphin off-grid power system is usually sold as a standardized hybrid system package that combines wind and solar power generation; however, Zephyr’s advanced system design capabilities enable the company to address the special design requirements for emergency power systems for disaster areas. This is the second installation example after the city of Sendai.
Zephyr hopes to continue catering for the need for emergency power systems and provide high-reliability off-grid power systems for disaster prone areas.
【System Summary】
Location: Designated Evacuation Centers in Higashimatsushima ( 8 locations)
  • Main City Office Building
  • Naruse Area Government Office Building
  • Heath Care Center
  • Social Welfare Center   
  • Citizen Centers in Omagari, Akai, Oshio, Ono
Generation capacity: approx  6.65kWh / location
- Airdolphin (1kw): 5 units
- Solar power system (0.1655kW):  10 panels
- Storage capacity: approx 24kWh
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