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Airdolphin Installed to Measure Volcanic Gases on Miyakejima


-       Two Off-grid Power Systems Are Installed on Mt. Oyama on Miyakejima   -

Zephyr Corporation (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Tomoshige Tanaka) has installed off-grid hybrid power solutions at two locations on Mt. Oyama, Miyakejima, Tokyo.
Mt. Oyama erupted in 2000.  The vicinity of the crater has been designated as an off-limit zone with volcanic gases still being released today.  The nearby Miyakemura village required an off-grid solution to power its equipment measuring volcanic gas emissions. In March 2015, Zephyr installed a Wind / Solar Hybrid System at 700m altitude near the crater, and an additional system was installed at 500m altitude in March 2016.
The Mean Annual Wind Speed on Miyakejima is over 5m/s, and even higher winds are estimated near the crater. Under these conditions, the Airdolphin small wind turbine is expected to generate more than 3kWh electricity per day, enabling a compact setup and providing reliable power.
Zephyr hopes to continue catering for the need in un-electrified areas and provide high-reliability off-grid power systems.
[System Summary]
Use: Air quality measurement and logging devices
-       Airdolphin (1kW) x 1,
-       PV Panel (90W) x 2,
-       Battery GPL-31T (105Ah) x 4
Power consumption: 1,920Wh/day (80Wx24hr/day)

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