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AIRDOLPHINS Installed at a Railway Station in Taiwan

Taiwan Railway Co. Ltd. has installed Airdolphins at Chishang railway station.  The station is in Chishang town, which is located in the northern part of Taitung city, Taiwan. 
It is a small village full of nature and beautiful scenery.  There is rich clear water and beautiful flowers, and the village is also famous for its wonderfully tasted rice called "池上米" (Chishang rice). Because of its beautiful scenery, many tourists are visiting Chishang every year. In this location, Airdolphins are being installed to make the station become even greener.  They are mainly used to supply electricity for indoor lighting.
The station had a complete re-construction program which took almost two years.  Airdolphins have been included in this project and Saturn Power Co. Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan), which is a Zephyr distributor, has arranged for the turbine parts.  The renewal construction will start in autumn 2017.  Four Airdolphin units are being installed in a line along the platform, sending a strong message as a very visible symbol of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) .

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