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AIRDOLPHINs Installed On Östergarnsholm Island in Sweden


Two AIRDOLPHINs have been installed at a measurement site for the study and data collection of the marine atmospheric layer on Östergarnsholm island, located 4km from the eastern coast of Gotland island in Sweden. The AIRDOLPHINs provide power to an off-grid system at the measurement site.

Östergarnsholm is a small, flat island which stretches about 2km in the W-E and N-S direction respectively.  The southern part, where the measurement site is located, is especially flat and rises only a few meters above sea surface.  The hybrid system of two AIRDOLPHIN PROs with 48-voltage output and 3kW PV panels with battery bank provides power to the data logging system and other measurement equipment.

Due to the recent growing importance of environmental measurement to cope with climate change, it is expected that the need for off-grid measurement systems will increase.  We believe that more AIRDOLPHINs will be utilized as power supplies to measurement equipment in off-grid areas as they are known for reliable performance in such severe environment.

This project is operated by InSitu AB, Finnish Meteorological Institute, ICOS Sweden, Uppsala university and Kiwatti Oy.Ltd(Zephyr’s distributor).

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