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Press Release

Zephyr9000 x 9 installed at JR Oga, “ecoste” Model Station in Akita Pref.

Zephyr Corporation (Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Nobuo Funabashi) installed Energy Creation system including 9 x small wind turbine with 4.9kW at new facilities of JR Oga in Oga City, Akita Prefecture and started operation from July 1st, 2018.
The electricity generated by abundant wind power in Oga City is expected to supply power to facilities in the station especially in winter season and to reduce CO2 emissions. Extra power is supposed to be used for ACCUM, battery driven train.
JR East is now promoting environment friendly “ecoste” Model Station leveraging environment preserving technology such as energy conservation and renewable energy, etc. “ecoste” Initiatives include 4 pillars, namely Energy Conservation, Energy Creation, Eco-Awareness and Environmental Harmonization. Our small wind turbine was selected in Energy Creation category. Our system is also appreciated to contribute revitalization of Oga Station area and reinforcing safety with upgrading service. This ended up with Oga Station becoming “ecoste” Model Station including introduction of “Ogare” as one of complex tourist facilities.
The system with Lithium-Ion Storage Battery can manage electricity from wind power, control and adjust wind usage/generation depending on time/season and ultimately tries to level off most effectively. Remote monitoring is also available for this system.
This time, Zephyr9000, that has been utilizes by so many customers, was applied and this solution will be lined up with others. We at Zephyr will continue to answer for customer needs with state of the art technologies.
[The system summary]
Location : JR Oga Station (Oga City, Akita Prefecture)
System : Zephyr9000 x 9, Lithium-Ion Storage Battery
The electricity capacity : small wind power 44.1kW(4.9kW x 9)
Stand by storage battery capacity : 48.3kWh

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