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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Zephyr Corporation, hereby referred to as “Zephyr”, recognizes the importance of personal data in our advanced information communications society and exerts its best efforts to protect personal data in accordance with the following policies.

1. Collection of Personal Data

Zephyr shall collect personal data by legitimate and justifiable means.

2. Use of Personal Data

Zephyr uses personal data only to the extent necessary for its business, and only in accordance with the purpose of use specified by Zephyr at the time of personal data collection. In the event that Zephyr utilizes personal data or delegates the maintenance of personal data with a third party, Zephyr shall conduct thorough investigation of the third party and provide appropriate supervision to maintain confidentiality levels at the third party.

3. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

Zephyr shall not submit or disclose personal data to any third party without prior consent, except when requested by law or court order.

4. Maintenance of Personal Data

Zephyr shall maintain the safety and accuracy of personal data. Zephyr shall conduct appropriate measures against unauthorized access, computer virus, and other risks to prevent loss, destruction, manipulation, and leakage of personal data. Zephyr shall not move personal data from its designated premises and/or transmit personal data to outer entities or individuals in order to avoid the leakage of personal data.

5. Disclosure, Modification, Suspension and Elimination of Personal Data

Zephyr understands users’ right to request disclosure, modification, suspension, or elimination of personal data, and Zephyr is ready to act upon request .

6. Organization and System

Zephyr appoints a personal data manager and conducts appropriate maintenance of personal data. Zephyr undertakes training for the protection and appropriate maintenance of personal data, and Zephyr ensures appropriate management of personal data in daily operation.

7. Design, Implementation,Maintenance, and
    Improvement of Personal Data Protection Compliance Program

Zephyr has a personal data protection compliance program, including this policy and other rules and regulations, by which our employees and affiliates comply. Also, Zephyr continuously maintains and improves the personal data protection compliance program for the effective implementation of this private policy.

Should you have any comment or question about Zephyr’s management of personal data, please contact our public relations office.

Enacted April 1, 2005
Revised November 1, 2010

Tomoshige Tanaka
President and CEO
Zephyr Corporation

Privacy Policy