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Zephyr9000 is efficient and reliable wind turbine backed by millions of operating hours in the field. It is more beneficial for customers having larger lands like farm, agriculture, and other remote places to realize more energy production than Airdolphin (Z-1000). *Zephyr provides Zephyr9000 to APAC (Asia-Pacific) market.

Energy Production

Zephyr9000 Energy Production
Annual Mean Wind Speed (m/s) 3 4 5 6 7 8
Annual Energy Production (kWh) 1,810 4,962 9,167 13,653 17,877 21,582
* Measuring power after conversion by the inverter, SMA Windy Boy WB5000A, and using a one minute averaging period.


Model Number Z-9000
Wind Turbine Type Horizontal axis, Up-wind
Rotor Diameter 5500 mm
Mass 325 kg
Tower Diameter 273 mm
Number of Blades 3
Blade Construction Glass fibre reinforced composite, low reflection, UV and anti-erosion coatings
Blade Mass (per piece) 14 kg
Blade Method Bolted
Body Material Plate structural steel
Body Construction Bolted
Product Finish Glass fibre composite covers
Generator Patented brushless direct drive, air-cored high efficiency Permanent Magnet Alternator
Control Systems Patented Reactive Pitch™ control
Protection Circuit Built-in
Yaw Control Passive tail vane and rotor
Direction Control Tail vane
Cut-in Wind Speed 3 m/s
Rated Power 4,711W *1
AC Output of Wind Turbine -
Annual Energy Production 9,167kWh (Annual Mean Wind Speed: 5m/s)
Maximum Rotor Speed 277rpm
Rated Output Voltage Variable, MAX 376 VAC RMS Phase-Phase
Communication System (Signal Output) -
Battery Capacity Recommendation -
Wind Turbine Class IEC 61400-2 Ed2 Class II
*1 Based on average wind speed per 10 minutes: 11m/s (AC output of inverter, compliant with BS EN 61400-12-1)